Quantity Surveying

Estimates / Feasibility Studies / Bills of Quantities / Compilation of tender documents / Tender invitations and adjudications / Progress Payments / Final Accounts.

Project Management

Compile Scope of Works / Drafting of Project Programmes / Monitoring and evaluation of project programmes / Liaison with stakeholders / Appointment of professional teams / Drafting of close-our reports.

Development of Norms and Standards

This service is based on the development of government norms and standards for facilities. Mathews and Associates were involved in the development of the Department of Environmenta Affairs’ SRPP Programmes and Training Norms. George Mathews has 25 years of experience in developing and applying norms and stadards to estimate facilities and compiling accommodation schedules. Experience in the SAPSE-, Office-, Health Services -, Police Stations-, Correctional Facilities- and EPWP norms and standard system were accumulated over these years.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mathews & Associates were involved in numerous mediation and arbitration cases over the past 15 years as expert witnesses.